Beyond The Ink:
A Guide to eSignature and eVaulting Implementation for the
Equipment Lease and Financing Industry

We invite you to join our live panel webinar and hear from the industry experts at eOriginal, Moritt Hock & Hamroff and Maxim Commercial Capital as they provide a road map for the eSignature process, how to gain acceptance from third parties, detailed eVaulting best practices and a real use case scenario of an end-to-end digital process. The webinar will be geared toward helping you choose the right solution and achieving digital success.

Save The Date: July 22, 2015  |   Time: 2:00 pm EST 

Join our webinar and Learn:

  • Why the equipment lease and financing industry are moving toward digital acceptance and processes.
  • How to implement a solution that is compliant and accepted.
  • The different eSignature and verification methods The benefits to digitizing the origination, funding and lending processes.
  • How Maxim Commercial Capital was able to take their process electronic and what steps they took before achieving digital success.
  • Get answers to your digital transaction questions from an expert panel.

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With regulatory scrutiny of marketplace lending on the rise, eOriginal is eager to discuss with attendees the importance of building certainty into their asset management to comply with future regulations.

As complexity and risk rise, adopting practices that provide unique authoritative copies of the assets and confidence will be a necessity.

With the eOriginal solution, you can 100% digitally:

  • Pool
  • Collateralize
  • Securitize 
  • And transfer contracts 

.... all while gathering key metadata and conducting the most extensive audit trails available. 

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Enhanced Financial Flexibility. 
Mitigated Risk. 
Security and Compliance that Mirror Mass Exchange.

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