Increase Transaction Speed, Loan Volumes and Profitability with Digital Transaction Management

Ready to reduce time to funding? Increase transaction volume per employee? Reduce document transaction turnaround time by 50%?

eOriginal's industry-leading Digital Transaction Management platform processes more than 15 million transactions each year for the world's largest financial services firms to accept eSignatures and digital transactions, ensure the authenticity of electronic documents and enable secondary market transactions.

Request a meeting at SFIG Vegas 2017 to learn how eOriginal can help your organization:

  • Implement an electronic signature and vaulting process
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of digital contracts
  • Simplify the loan origination process
  • Eliminate mail, fax and storage costs
  • Ensure every transaction is secure, compliant and enforceable

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Free Download: The Impact on Revenue of Choosing the Right Email Provider

An often overlooked criteria when choosing an ESP is deliverability. Ensuring the successful delivery of email through thousands of mailbox providers and ISPs is no easy task - it requires a highly specialized sending infrastructure built for today's email needs. Not even the most sophisticated data analytics or one-to-one targeting programs will help if your email never arrives in the inbox.

In this paper, we explore the difference in deliverability between SparkPost and other email service providers and show how that adds up to billions of dollars in missed revenue. We show you:

Managing More than 15 Million Digital Transactions Each Year

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