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DocuSign’s DTM solution, integrated with eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Platform, allows financial services organizations to protect the value and integrity of contracts throughout their entire lifecycle using a proven and rating agency-approved compliant process. eOriginal’s platform ensures security and compliance throughout a fully digital contract lifecycle, including third-party access and sale of assets onto secondary markets.

The result? Say goodbye to your costly inconvenient storage facilities, time to fund and errors. Instead let DocuSign and eOriginal help you fund, audit, pool, collateralize, securitize or transfer your original contracts 100% electronically.

Schedule an appointment or stop by the eOriginal booth at DocuSign's customer conference: MOMENTUM in San Francisco May 3-4. If you are ready to reduce time to funding, increase transaction volume per employee, and reduce document transaction turnaround time by 50%, meet us at at MOMENTUM!

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