Let's Talk Digital Mortgage in San Francisco!

From lenders to the settlement agents, warehouse lenders, investors, servicers and custodians, it's known that the traditional mortgage transaction involves a variety of parties and steps, making the entire process complex at best.

Fortunately, eOriginal's technology is leading the charge on Digital Mortgage adoption with our eMortgage solution. Fully digital mortgages are supported by the courts and by industry heavyweights such as Fannie Mae, and are gaining momentum with others.

Request a meeting at Digital Mortgage 2017 to learn how eOriginal can help your digital mortgage adoption and provide:

  • Consistency and accuracy in the closing process (fewer, if any, post-closing conditions)
  • Elimination of potential loss of notes, resulting in better collateral control
  • Reduced carbon and ecological footprint
  • Reduced courier and shipping fees
  • Quicker warehouse inventory turnaround times
  • Elimination of inefficient workflows and increased data quality
  • Improved risk management and faster liquidity in the secondary market
  • Cost savings through operational efficiencies

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