How to Enhance Vehicle Finance Processes and Operations

The partnership between dealers and lenders is codependent and relies on trust, transparency and knowledge. Digitally enabled processes and auto-lending are quickly becoming the new normal for the industry.

As more vehicle financing companies move their operations to a digital model, the lines of data between dealer and lender business operations are often blurred and can cause compliance issues. Choosing the right technology will not only give dealer/lender partners a competitive advantage, but enables a fully compliant, automated digital contract closing for the vehicle finance industry.

We invite you to view our on demand webinar that features vehicle finance technology experts: Theodore Papilliou, Director of Value Engineering at eOriginal, and Defi Solution's COO, Georgine Muntz.

Watch our Webinar to learn how Decoding Digital Operations for Vehicle Finance can help your organization:

  • How post-signature technology can provide critical visibility into the dealer/lender transaction
  • How dealers and lenders can strengthen partnerships with digital technology
  • How to leverage the secondary markets in a fully digital contract environment
  • How to make compliance your competitive advantage

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