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Wednesday, December 14th
2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST

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Wednesday, December 14th
2:00 PM ES | 11:00 AM PT

Wednesday, December 14th, 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST
Register to Join eOriginal and ELFA's New Webinar: 

Educational Gateway: Your Guide to eChattel and Digital Technology

ELFA and eOriginal are excited to announce a live online event in support of a recent initiative to expand the use of electronic chattel paper in equipment finance. In the session, industry experts will focus on the business benefits of adopting digital technology and the use of “e-chattel” paper. The goal of the new program is to provide ELFA members with best practices for the implementation of digital solutions and critical information around eLeasing.

We invite you to join Stephen Bisbee, President and CEO of eOriginal, Dominic Liberatore, Deputy Chief Counsel, DLL and Dave Schaefer, CEO of Mintaka, for the upcoming webinar.

Panelists will cover:
  • What is e-chattel and its significance within the equipment space?
  • How digital technology can ensure contract integrity and transparency for all involved parties?
  • What are some of the requirements lenders should consider when making the shift digital?