Mitigating Risk Around High-Value Documents

Within the past several years, businesses, private organizations, government agencies, funders, health organizations and financial firms across a variety of industries have either considered taking their business processes digital or have already started the transition. With so many eSignature and cloud-based storage solutions available, it is increasingly harder for organizations to evaluate what criteria is needed to consider when assessing different digital transaction technology. 

In this unique white paper from eOriginal, we explore companies with digital contracts that represent financial value that may be exposed to unnecessary and dangerous risks. We address how to prepare for the critical post-signature life of these high-value assets. Risks occur when funders or buyers won’t accept a digital transaction because they lack confidence in the process used to manage that asset or the process is more difficult than current paper-based processes.

Download our White Paper to learn how Risk Mitigation for High-Value Digital Contracts can help your organization:

  • Prepare for digital transaction 3rd party requirments
  • Provide high-value contract visibility for electronic assets
  • Technology features that must be in place for digital contract transfers
  • Steps for ensuring compliance
  • And much more...

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