Review this complimentary report to assess the strengths and weaknesses of eSignature providers in the reshuffled 2016 landscape. 

E-signature transactions are becoming more widespread as smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen computers have made them simpler, more accessible, and cheaper. Companies now recognize this strategy as an important enabler of tomorrow’s digital business. Forrester research shows a 53% average annual growth in the use of e-signatures since 2011, with the number of transactions settled via e-signatures topping 210 million in 2014 and likely to exceed 700 million in 2017.

Download this report to find the factors that have reshaped this market over the past year:

• Key differentiators of e-signature solution providers
• Strengths and weakness of 2017 e-signature vendors
• Competitive categories for eSignature solutions
• New and adjacent markets where eSignature providers are seeking to expand
• How the e-signature market is changing due to acquisitions, commoditization, and growth

Download this Forrester Report: Vendor Landscape: E-Signature, Q4 2016 Acquisitions, Commoditization, And Growth Reshape The Market

Download Forrester Research Paper 2016

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