Act Now or Get Left Behind Building the Business Case for Digital Transformation

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Business transformation has quickly become the new battle cry in the business world and has shifted from a competitive advantage to a competitive necessity, especially in financial services. Aragon Research has found that Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is poised to grow into a $30-billion market by 2020, with the asset management sector showing a significant rise.

The all electronic business processes of buying, selling and exchanging asset-backed financial instruments have a strong legal / regulatory footing and are quickly becoming the industry standard. A rapidly increasing volume of asset-backed securities, including loans, leases and contracts are now originated, processed, securitized and collateralized electronically.

Watch our On-demand Webinar to learn how a digital transformation can help your organization:

  • What are the key trends in Digital Transformation and DTM?
  • How are DTM Applications and technologies Evolving?
  • What are some of the Use Cases to focus on with DTM?
  • How can enterprises get comfortable with digital adoption and what are some of the benefits?
  • Possible Impacts to those that wait on the sidelines.

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