Volume 3 | Issue 12 | 2017

Empowering Today's Digital Financial Ecosystems

Hello, Colleague:

As we reflect on 2017 and the continued momentum of digital transaction management, incredible support from our customers and partners, and the buzz surrounding electronic mortgage adoption, we can’t help but think “Wow, What a Year!”

In this eO Digest, you will read about our new Chief Marketing Officer, the technology evolution of financial services, our favorite posts from 2017 and plans to support the digital financial ecosystem in 2018.

eOriginal Names Michele Weber New Chief Marketing Officer

We’re excited to welcome Michele Weber as our new Chief Marketing Officer at eOriginal. Michele will be responsible for all aspects of eOriginal’s strategic marketing plan, including brand awareness, demand generation strategies, customer engagement and new product introductions. Read

eO’s Best of 2017: Marketplace Lenders, eNotes, Digital Momentum, Kinetic Cows, and More!

As 2017 comes to a close, we spent some time reflecting on the continued digital transformation of the financial services ecosystem and put together some of our favorite posts. Read

The Technological Evolution of Financial Services: We're Just Beginning

For all that we have seen evolve and change in fintech over the last 30 years, the fact is that we have barely scratched the surface of most financial services processes. Read
Two Ways to Lock-in Your Vacation Ownership Company's Success

With competition and weather woes competing for consumers’ (and investors’) perceptions, there are two keys ways to differentiate your vacation ownership offering in the markets among them: Better origination processes and the ability to create revenue from post-signature contract use via securitization. What’s more, there is only one way to do both, “in one fell swoop”: Digital Transaction Management. Read
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Request a meeting at SFIG Vegas 2018 to learn how eOriginal can help your organization:
  • Implement an electronic signature and vaulting process
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of digital contracts
  • Simplify the loan origination process
  • Eliminate mail, fax and storage costs
  • Ensure every transaction is secure, compliant and enforceable
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