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Volume 2: Issue 1

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Happy New Year from eOriginal! 

Our Predictions for 2016:

The Inevitable Changing Perception of Digital Transaction Management

During 2015, we began to see a shift in the conversation. The discussion was no longer just about if eSignature is secure enough, but rather how can eSignature and DTM integrate to actually enhance the security surrounding business processes.


Securitization Spotlight:

How SoFi Innovates Through Securitization and Growth into New Markets

SoFiSoFi's use of innovative technologies supports its nontraditional underwriting approach to offer a unique set of solutions - specifically leveraging securitization to increase capital and borrowing power.

As marketplace lending and the infrastructure for a secondary market continues to grow, we are confident that the use of securitization will continue to grow. Learn more by reading the full story below. 


Free Industry Report:

Tech SpectrumTM for Digital Transaction Management

Aragon Research cover image.jpgDigital Transaction Management (DTM) consists of managing document-based transactions in a completely electronic manner. Aragon Research evaluated ten key providers who are leading the charge in the DTM market. eOriginal was recently named as a Leader of DTM by Aragon Research.


Latest News

Top Five North American Agricultural Grain Distributor Digitizes Purchase and Audit Processes with eOriginal
Arrangement Helps Farmers Lock in Up-to-the-Minute Grain Prices and Minimizes Company-wide Delays from Federal Auditing Requirements.
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David Bowie: A Little Known Pioneer in Securitization
Bowie Revolutionized the Financial Side of the Music Industry as the First to Securitize Royalty Streams to Capitalize on his Future Earnings from Songs.
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Why Financial Asset Data Management Must Mirror the Internet of Things Model in 2016
To Support the Growth and Innovation of Companies across Industries, the Methodology of IoT must be Mirrored in the Data Management World.
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Regulatory Evolution and the Future of Marketplace Lending
The Industry Has Not Weathered a Shake-Up. What Will the Future Bring?
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