Volume 3 | Issue 7 | July 2017

Empowering Today's Digital Financial Ecosystem

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Investors play an integral role in maintaining a robust secondary market and are the engines driving today’s digital financial ecosystems. In this edition of eO Digest you will learn about the importance of asset verification and transfer validation, dive into how recent lending headlines could have been avoided using digital transaction technology and find out what we’ve been up to and what we have planned.

Investor Perspectives 

Please enjoy our two-part blog series featuring Security Financial Service’s Senior Vice President Marc Rouda to learn what is top of mind for investors, including challenges, digital benefits and the importance of industry education.

  • Investor Perspectives, Part I: Trust, but Verify | Read
  • Investor Perspectives, Part II: How Technology Facilitates Marketplace Loan Secondary Trades | Read 

Powerful Lessons Learned from Recent Lending Headlines

Find out what can be learned from recent lending headlines and the importance of managing the chain of ownership of loan documents. 

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Featured White Paper: digital-banking.jpeg

eSignature: The First Step to Becoming a Modern Financial Institution

Business is being conducted faster and faster. As a result, financial services companies are feeling the pressure to digitize processes, and the first step is often eSignatures. We hope you enjoy your complimentary copy

Digital Disruption: Bringing Mortgage into the 21st Century

We live in an age where technology consistently makes the once impossible, possible. A fully digital eClosing process is now a reality thanks to a market that is ready for a more streamlined home buying experience that offers quicker turnaround times, better data quality, faster liquidity and improved efficiency. 

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Join Us at the 23rd Annual ABS East Conference!

As digital financial ecosystems evolve, institutional investors, hedge fund managers, private equity firms, warehouse funders and other secondary market creditors have a critical need for trust, verification and transparency in the digital contracting world. If you are attending this year's event, please click the button below to schedule a private meeting with eOriginal at the conference.



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