February 2017

Volume 3 | Issue 2

It's Time for a Digital Transformation

Hello Colleague,

Please enjoy the February 2017 edition of eO Digest to find out what we have been up to in the last month and what we have planned. We are looking forward next week's LendIt Conference. Please be sure to include eOriginal in your itinerary! 

New Slideshare Available! 

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eOriginal Playbook: 
The Outlook for Digital Lending
The convergence of traditional and digital lending highlights the need for a “playbook” for all who enter the “Fin-Digital” marketplace.
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   eSignature Inequalities: Electronic vs. Digital
    By Theodore Papailiou
   An overview of the differences between electronic and digital signatures.

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Our latest case study outlines a scenario involving an ECCA and the details surrounding a seamless assumption of exclusive control.

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   Featured News
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