Accelerate Loans and Increase Profitability with Digital Transaction Management

Marketplace Lending’s use of digital lending technology to secure new avenues of financing more efficiently, continues to disrupt traditional lending models. eOriginal’s solution is helping to enhance financial flexibility, mitigate risk by providing greater security, and exceeding stringent digital lending compliance requirements. eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Technology is helping Financial Services Firms across industries to securitize tens of billions of dollars’ in eAssets®. Their solution is considered a best practice by major rating agencies, leading banks and private equity firms.

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  • Accelerate loan origination and increase profitability
  • Ensure integrity and transparency on high-value digital contracts
  • Provide third parties transaction visibility with advanced reporting and audit functionality
  • Expedite securitization packages by eliminating manual review processes with automated quality control features.

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Free Download: The Impact on Revenue of Choosing the Right Email Provider

An often overlooked criteria when choosing an ESP is deliverability. Ensuring the successful delivery of email through thousands of mailbox providers and ISPs is no easy task - it requires a highly specialized sending infrastructure built for today's email needs. Not even the most sophisticated data analytics or one-to-one targeting programs will help if your email never arrives in the inbox.

In this paper, we explore the difference in deliverability between SparkPost and other email service providers and show how that adds up to billions of dollars in missed revenue. We show you:

Managing More than 15 Million Digital Transactions Each Year

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