Digital Transaction Ops & Tech Deep Dive: Implementation and Technology Insights

Making the decision to adopt digital transaction technology to improve lending business operations is much easier then vetting and implementing the actual digital solution. Selection and implementation can be overwhelming for most organizations within the Equipment Leasing space. In our second educational webinar series, we invite ELFA members to watch our expert technology panel as they provide a roadmap for digital technology and what to consider before selecting and implementing a new digital solution. 

We invite you watch our technology experts, Deborah Reuben, Founder of Reuben Creative, Kristian Dolan, Solutions Architect at Tamarack Consulting and Andrew Martin, CTO at Channel Partners Capital, for our deep dive into digital transaction technology. 

Watch our ELFA Educational Digital Document Webinar Series to learn how Digital Transaction Adoption: Operations and Technology Insights can help your organization:

  • Implementation Tips, Barriers and Best Practices
  • Solution Technology features to consider to meet digital transaction business process requirements
  • Technology trends and insight
  • Use and application overview: Say goodbye to the digital adoption struggle and where to learn more.

Watch ELFA Educational Digital Document Webinar Series

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