Understanding the Full Lifecycle of the eNote

Both bank and non-bank lenders—and their financial networks—are discovering that a digital mortgage strategy is a competitive necessity to drive growth and profitability. Digital processes provide direct access to borrowers and accelerates the speed of delivery of high-quality, data-rich trusted mortgage documents to the secondary market. Today, technology can be used to manage, deliver and transfer the electronic promissory note (eNote) with greater efficiency and the confidence of knowing that a superior product is being acquired.

We invite you to join Simon Moir of eOriginal, Shane Hartzler of Fannie Mae, and Brian Webster of Wells Fargo, for the on-demand webinar.

Watch our Webinar to learn how digital mortgage, secondary market can help your organization:

• Key milestones in the digitization of mortgage
• Manual vs. Digital: What’s the Difference?
• The journey of the eNote from execution to downstream life
• Improving loan quality and investor confidence via digital best practices
• Making the leap: Accelerating adoption across the ecosystem

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